Global Balance Methods

lean thinking

Global Balance enables IT organizations to reduce software development cycle time and increase flow using LEAN and agile software development methodologies. One of our competitive advantages is we help our customers experience success quickly. Using LEAN thinking allows us to generate value for our customers in the early stages of a software development initiative. Building quality through test driven development ensures long lasting value.

  • Develop a deep understanding of your customer by:
    • Identifying your customers
    • Gaining a clear understanding of your organization’s purpose from your customers’ perspective
    • Clearly stating what is important for you to do for your customers in order to succeed

  • Understand the problem your customers need you to solve
    • Create User Personas
    • Define Scenarios
    • Hypothesize on possible solutions
    • Develop low and high Intensity prototypes to refine hypothesis through UX Design Sessions

  • Focus on creating knowledge
    • Expect design to evolve during coding
    • Release early with a minimum amount of features in order to gain customer feedback to evolve the product
    • Produce daily builds and receive rapid feedback through integration testing

  • Defer commitment
    • Schedule irreversible decisions until the last responsible moment when the more information will be available
    • Determine to make most decisions reversible so they can be easily changed in future iterations

  • Deliver fast with high quality
    • Use existing mature software frameworks to speed development
    • Build in quality using Test Driven Development (TTD)
    • Eliminate waste in software development processes

  • Respect people
    • We develop excellent leaders and engaged high performance teams through our proprietary Engaged Team Dynamics ©
    • Develop and nurture technical expertise in areas that provide a competitive advantage for our customers
    • Actively engage employees who take responsibility for managing their own work and achieving results
    • Provide tools to create highly collaborative teams