Global Balance Products

Customizable Frameworks

In many cases, thinking LEAN means starting with an existing framework for eCommerce, Content Management, or web application development. Global Balance resources have experience in the following popular frameworks that can jumpstart a development solution.

  • Adobe CQ5 Content and Customer Experience Manager
  • Bootstrap web design kit for creating cross browser user interfaces for mobile and desktop browsers
  • MEAN Javascript framework including:
    • MongoDB – The leading NoSQL database that empowers businesses to be agile and scalable
    • Express – A minimal and flexible node.js web application framework providing features for building single page, multiple page, and hybrid web applications
    • Angular – A Javascript framework for extending the HTML vocabulary resulting in expressive, readable and quick to develop applications
    • Node.js – A server platform built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript runtime engine for building fast, scalable networked applications
  • Knockout user interface framework simplifies development of rich, responsive user interfaces bound to a backend data model
  • Backbone a JavaScript implemented MVC framework that enables abstracting application data into models and DOM manipulation into views bound to the model using events