Global Balance Products

Packaged Applications

Global Balance resources have experience in the following packaged solutions that help businesses THRIVE.

  • SharePoint is a powerful collaboration tool that is part of our Engaged Team Dynamics solution for building high performance teams.  It is also a powerful framework for business applications.  With the introduction of Office 365 and SharePoint Online, the benefits of using SharePoint as an application framework are available to all sized companies.  Global Balance provides SharePoint customization using “out of the box” functionality as well as custom developed apps.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) business solution that drives sales productivity and marketing effectiveness through social insights, business intelligence, and campaign management in the cloud, on-premises, or with a hybrid combination.
    Customer relationship management (CRM) can help reduce costs and increase profitability by organizing and automating business processes that nurture customer satisfaction and loyalty in the sales, marketing, and customer service fields. CRM solutions can deliver ROI through marketing automation, customer service, and sales force automation.
    Global Balance offers Microsoft Dynamics CRM configuration and customization.  We also offer mobile CRM apps that enable you to manage your customer relationships on your mobile devices, along with tools that integrate data and reporting from social media directly into your CRM application.
  • CRMGamified® is a sales motivation add on to Microsoft CRM. CRMGamified® is  designed for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and 2011.  it is an easy to install add-on aimed at inspiring key behaviors that drive more sales, generating actual business results, better CRM data quality and user engagement.

The solution incorporates a set of game mechanics including badges, leader boards, levels, real-time feedback and social interactions to motivate and reward sales people for performing desired activities like closing opportunities, converting leads, doing more phone calls, and scheduling more demos with customers. Adding gamification to the CRM process increases performance of the people and encourages people to keep their records up to date resulting in more accurate sales data. We help sales teams increase performance while having fun by implementing CRMGamified. We also have a generic gaification engine that can be used to gaimfy other business processes like customer engagement, customer support and employee performance.