Engaged Team Dynamics

Engaged Team Dynamics© (ETD) is a tactical implementation process for engaging employees and radically improving the results for teams of people who deliver a product or service. Engaged Team Dynamics for IT (ETD4IT) is a special version of ETD tailored to help information technology teams achieve Game-Changing Results.

ETD's disciplines are proven to:

  • Increase productivity by as much as 50%
  • Decrease labor costs by 50%
  • Increase employee engagement

According to Tower's Perrin's Workforce Survey, companies with high employee engagement have an average of 19% greater operating income and earnings per share growth rate of 28%.

ETD Means

  • Focusing on delivering consistently on critical customer requirements
  • Strong, yet engaging leadership that lets the team own the execution
  • Team goals and incentives for team success
  • Standards and accountabilities for both team and individual performance
  • Capable processes with efficient workflow enabled by technology
  • Visual and available data for immediate decision-making
  • Deep personal skills and knowledge, supported by a long-term development plan
  • Fluid Form Organization with norms to support collaboration and flexibility.

Fully engaged customers buy more, stay with you longer, and are more profitable than average customers.

Global Balance consultants help IT teams use ETD methods to learn to:

  • Identify the Voice of the Customer
  • Deliver Customer-Focused Value
  • Monitor Customer-Centric Measures
  • Manage Customer Touch Points

Using UX Design methods, Global Balance consultants work with IT teams to validate hypotheses about customer needs. Instead of thinking about a product as a series of features to be built, we use LEAN UX Design to look at a product as a series of hypotheses to be validated. We donĂ­t assume we know what the customer needs. We do customer interviews and build prototypes from customer input to ensure the final solution delivers real customer-focused value.

While current process improvement methods have generated productivity gains, there is much more opportunity left to be harvested. This is especially true in the Service and Information Technology disciplines where process improvement and LEAN methods are still in their infancy.

There is vast productivity potential in companies, even those companies who have already studied and improved some processes. The opportunities are improvements in processes and team collaboration techniques using tools like SharePoint, and tools to facilitate enterprise social networking and innovation.

Global Balance consultants help organizations create fluid organizations by first identifying the needs of the organization, identifying the strengths of their team members, then closing the gaps through a well-crafted organizational alignment plan.

Global Balance consultants help IT teams use ETD methods to implement:

  • Visionary Leadership
  • Values Based Leadership
  • Strengths Based Leadership
  • Leadership by Expectation
  • Processes that Remove Interference

ETD's participative approach to visioning removes obscurity and aligns personal, team, and organization-wide vision to gain team acceptance and encourage individual accountability to achieving corporate goals.

The purpose to any team activity is to produce results.

  • Define Performance Standards
  • Implement Collaboration Tools and Techniques
  • Execute Functional Reviews
  • See Work Visually
  • Identify Trends using Visual Data

Customer Engagement

Process Improvement

Proactive Leadership

Performance Management