Global Balance Services & Technology

Global Resources


Global Balance delivers outstanding service at a very competitive price across multiple industries by leveraging collaborative, cooperative, and cost effective technology resources through Global Balance's own consultants and through a certified network of global technology partners.

We know how to manage global outsourcing engagements. We’ve been delivering successful outsourcing engagements since 1998. Global Balance resources are strategically located offshore, nearshore and rural shore to provide services in all timezones.

We insolate you from the challenges of doing business with other countries.

Global Balance enables you to be successful even if this is your first outsourcing initiative through:

  • Onsite / local engagement and project management
  • Real time response for most U.S. business hours using Latin America
  • 24 hour delivery using U.S., Latin America and India
  • Quicker realization of stable business value through iterative development and frequent releases
  • Online project management and budget monitoring tools to keep us on the same page
  • Onsite sprint zero planning for near shore and offshore engagements
  • Real Time feedback through daily standup meetings
  • Improve user adoption through Gamification of business processes

Our global alliance partners are certified through a rigorous process to:

  • Reduce liability, defects, and the need for you to perform expensive audits
  • Communicate and align their team with our goals and objectives to provide outstanding service
  • Identify supplier’s capabilities and ability to provide innovative solutions
  • Meet our customer’s preferences
  • Understand both parties’ work practices
  • Agree on a code of conduct
  • Determine how their other customers view them
  • Establish escalation paths
  • Thoroughly understand invoicing/billing processes, payment terms and methods, fees, currency type
  • Weed out any financial concerns